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T- Shirt Design: Tips to Create Your Own T Shirt

T Shirts have long been a staple in anyone’s wardrobe, be it a guy, a girl or even a kid. This piece of clothing is such a favoured item as it can be paired with a pair of jeans, knee length boots or even a denim miniskirt. The versatility of T shirts have been explored in many ways over the past decades, and now it is so adaptable that you can even go ahead and create your own T shirt!

The first rule that comes into place when you create your own T shirt would be to narrow down the type of T shirt you are going to use as a base for your personalized T shirt. There are many T shirts available in the market today, and these range from different neck designs like a V-neck T shirt and the standard prototype round neck T-shirt. There are also different materials for you to choose from, though most custom T shirts are made out of cotton fibre, or a mixture of cotton and polyester. The current trend for T shirt is continuously woven thread, which gives the T shirt an exclusive look minus the usually monotonous side seams. This particular make is done with the use of machines that create circular looms, and are used in similar fashion to create socks, stockings and even tube tops.

Another important factor to concentrate on while you create your own T shirt is the decoration or graphics you are going to place on your T shirt. The initial trend during the early nineties, for example, had the widespread use of tie-and-dye techniques, which are still commonly used today in certain countries. Ringer T-shirt designs, on the other hand, represented youths and rock stars of the sixties. You might also find that you can design your own T shirt with a personalized message or graphic design that you feel embodies who you are. There are quite a number of customized T shirts which can be made both in shopping centres as well as online shops. The online shops usually have a T shirt printing application that helps you to design your own T shirt, and these usually give you a great variety of graphics to choose from. You could also upload your own image or photo and place it onto the T shirt design, whilst adding a creative phrase or word to spice it up.

Whatever the trend may be at this point of time across the world, a T shirt which is designed by you will always carry the trademark of your personality trait, and give you a look of exclusiveness which cannot be found anywhere else. With these few tips and your imagination, there is not much space for limitation as you go about and get the best out of your own design T shirts. Don’t forget to experiment and read up on the quality and services which are provided by the customized T shirt companies, as these will help you narrow down to the best T shirt shop online.

 Heat Press

The heat press method is an ancient method of printing t-shirts and still many using this method. Previously it was implemented using heat press patch. Now, this method relies on computers instead of patches. In this method, a special piece of paper use with transparent ink that can be printed on the T-shirt using heat. So, basically it relies on heat and stream. This method is useful when you use multiple colours for printing. It produces more attractive designs for multiple colours.